So Close!

We're so close to getting our CD made! Mastering is done, artwork is almost done. We just need to tweak a few things and then it's off to Discmakers. Fingers crossed we can compete this project this month. So get's coming!

Studio Time!

We have been very busy mixing a batch of songs for our new CD. This CD will feature some of our earliest works recorded at several different studios in both RI & CA. We decided to focus on songs that really showcase our performance as a duo and many takes are live. We had a blast recording them and can’t wait to share them with you all!

Happy Solstice!

We want to wish all of you a very Happy Solstice, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, Happy Festivus, Merry Christmas and a very Happy & Healthy New Year! We look forward to creating and sharing more music with you all!

Stay safe and be well dear friends!

Cheers ~Tex & Yo

New Song!

Hey there friends! Well, it may be Labor Day but we’re still feeling the summer mood and we’re proud to present our newest song, just in the nick of time…….Party Like A Lobstar! Hope you enjoy it!

Happy April!

Happy April Everyone!

Spring has sprung and good tings are happening! Yes, despite the crazy, and very serious pandemic we’re all dealing with,  goods things are happening.

For starters, we’ve been recording new songs and we’ve decided to start sharing them with you. Every couple of weeks or so we’ll be posting them and you can hear them when you visit our Music page. We started with our newest song “April Fools Eve”.  So tune in and enjoy!

Remember to STAY SAFE , STAY HOME and STAY CONNECTED! We’re all in this together and music will help see us through!

Peace, Love, and Music,

Tex & Yo

Happy Summer!

Hi Everyone!

Hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful Summer! We’ve been having a ton of fun…playing gigs, seeing old friends and making new ones,  seeing some awesome artists like Albert Lee, and Tonic (one of my all time faves),  and of course enjoying the beach! We’ve also been working on a few different projects and are hoping to post some videos very soon. Cannot wait to share these with you all! So until then, enjoy these dog days of Summer and stay tuned for more Tex & Yo!

Peace, Love & Music ~Yo


Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the new Tex & Yo site. We’re glad you stopped by!

We’ve been working hard on some new material and a new way to bring it to you. In the next few months we’ll be adding a lot more content to this site and we hope you’ll stick around and check it all out . We’ll have some new pictures, songs, videos and more. We’re ready to get this party started…bring on the fun!

Cheers! Tex & Yo