About Us


Our Philosophy

We have a passion for music and a flair for fun and we inject that into every performance. Our philosophy is to have a good time while making great music. What makes a Tex & Yo show a "show" is our spontaneity, enthusiasm and positive energy. Anything can happen at a Tex & Yo Show (and it usually does) because we're not afraid to take chances or try something different.   We love to have fun and we love to create music but what we really love, is connecting our passion to our audience.

Our Story

We started out 3000 miles and a dozen years apart but we share an undeniable passion for music. It's a passion that lead us to meet in 1995 and ultimately sparked 29 years of collaboration. In that time we have amassed a collection of recordings that we are eager to share. In 2024, we released our first CD "Forever.....and a Day" featuring some of our earliest works.

We first began playing together on the East Coast back in 1995, playing coffee houses and clubs, first as "sidecar canaries" backing up local esteemed players, but we quickly established ourselves as a powerful duo.

In 2001 we moved to California and continued to play similar venues. We also played some of Hollywood's famous hot spots (The Whiskey, The Viper Room) and became active in LA's Americana scene. We befriended a lot of great musicians and got to jam with them on a regular basis including Albert Lee, Lucinda Williams, Scarlet Rivera, Dewey Terry, Don Peake, Phil Chen, Philip Bynoe, Gary Mallabar, Bruce Gary, as well as very talented singer songwriters Mike Stinson and Randy Weeks.  There were many house concerts, backyard parties and crazy recording sessions. One such recording session involved an old friend named Jack Cassady (Jefferson Airplane /Hot Tuna). We spent the day at his house in Laurel Canyon recording all kinds of tunes. Jack was very fastidious about documenting the whole proceedings, making sure to write down every bit of information about each song. Who wrote what, who played what, who sang which part, taking time to note the date and the time. At one point, he asked us to play him an original song. We had been working on a little jazz number called  Feel Like A Wheel but it wasn't quite done. It needed one more verse. So we played him what we had. He liked it and said, "Sounds great. Now go write that last verse. I'll  be back in 20 minuets".  Well, we did and when he returned, he picked up his bass, hit the record button and we laid it down. It was a great moment we'll never forget!

In 2013 we headed back to the East Coast with new material and have been playing steadily for the past 11 years rocking it up for a old fans and new. It's been a fantastic musical adventure so far and we're so excited about what's next! We have many new projects in the works and we can't wait to share them with you!

Who We Are


Tex Burbank


Tex (a.k.a. Glenn Sherba) started out as a touring musician and LA session player working with Grammy award winning composer Diane Warren (Aerosmith, Arron Neville, Bryan Adams,Cher) and producers Andy Johns (The Stones, Led Zeppelin), David Briggs (Neil Young) and John Alcock (Thin Lizzy, The Who, Earle Slick). He also spent time touring and recording with Badfinger and Commander Cody and has played with Albert Collins, Jack Casady (Hot Tuna) Randy Castillo (The Offenders, Ozzy, Motely Crew) Randy Rand (The offenders, Lita Ford, Autograph) Billy Preston, David Johansen, Tony Kaye and many others. He is most known for his dynamic guitar playing without the use of any pedals. It’s just him, a guitar and a small amp. He has an uncanny and exceptional ability to take it from soft and moody, to down and dirty, to funky, to full on ripping in an effortless sort of way. His leads are smooth, tasteful and distinctly the mark of a pro. It’s easy to hear his early influences (Jimmy Paige, Jeff Beck, Johnny Winter, Keith Richards, Rory Gallagher, Jelly Roll Morton, Django Reinhardt) but he clearly has created a sound that is truly all his own.

His songwriting is equally impressive. A master of satire and double entendres, he entertains the listener with his unique observations of life injected with his signature pointed sense of humor.


Yolonda Bluegrass

Guitar/Vocals/ Harp/Percussion

Yolonda (a.k.a. Colleen Kennedy) is a multi-instrumentalist switching from rhythm guitar, to harmonica, to high-hat & snare sometimes plying all at once. Her sense of rhythm is an excellent backdrop for Tex's fine guitar work. She also has exceptional ability to harmonize citing The Everly Brothers, Steve Miller, The Beach Boys, and Crosby Stills & Nash as her earliest influences. Her contemporary influences include Bonnie Raitt, Chrissy Hynde, Tom Petty, Sheryl Crow and Lucinda Williams. Equally impressive is her Bluesy harmonica playing. In a field dominated by men, audiences are often pleasantly surprised at how she wails on the harp. Her influences include Little Walter, Sonny Terry and Sonny Boy Williamson.

When it comes to song writing, Yo's lyrics come straight from the heart. She writes about the multi aspects of love and life with melodies ranging from sweet to sultry to exuberantly powerful. Said best in her song "Betty Crocker" she'll tell you what she's thinking even if you don't want her to. She doesn't take anything for granted, or live too fast,  she knows what she wants and she gets it. She likes her good times to last.